The Movies you should watch this year.

One of the best ways to get through those boring nights or afternoons is watching a movie, so which are the best new movies to watch?

First of all, not all new movies are blockbusters also not all blockbusters are great movies. Most times people are generally looking for something different, for example a film to make you laugh or another keep you at the edge of the seat, a thrilling adventure or something in between. Whether it’s a comedy, horror, action or an intense drama adventure, movies always change us in small little ways. You might find a new actor and fall in love with or discover a movie that will turn your outlook on life and other things.

adas9Here are some new movies that are highly rated today and I would personally recommend to anyone who haven’t seen.
Fast and furious 7 is the seventh movie from the fast and furious movie series. This is one of the action packed, hard hitting, moving and a compelling storyline based on a family of street racers with a star-studded cast of villain Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw, Vin Diesel as Torreto, late Paul Walker, Ludacris, Dwyane Johnson, Tyrese Gibson and many others. Apart from all the dramatic and amazing stunts on this movie, it was partly a tribute to Paul Walker, one of the fast and furious main characters who passed during the film shooting.

Unfriended is a movie based on a group of friends on a chat room who get haunted immediately after one of their friends Laura dies. After one year anniversary after her death, Laura’s friends while chatting online someone joins them using Laura’s account. The user starts posting deep secrets and accusations to them online. Not only is the movie creepy, disturbing and very realistic especially through a great acting and use of social media. This is one scary movie in the theaters today.

Get Hard is one of the funniest comedy movie around. Based on a middle aged wealthy manager James King played by Will Farrell is wrongly accused for funds embezzlement. He soon hires Darnell (Kevin Hart) to prepare and get him ready for prison life. What follows is total hilarious and crazy situations which Darnell simulates for James like starting fights, faking riots, smuggling contraband and even performing oral sex. This is surely one rib cracking movie around.

spco89Home is a new funny and hilarious anime film that anyone would fall in love with.
Last but not least is The Longest Ride. A captivating film on lives of a young couple searching to start their lives back after coming out of a devastating accident.
So when someone asks which are the best new movies to watch, you should have a clue.