Most Memorable Movies of 2014

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1. Boyhood

Termed as way softening and once up a life time film by commentators world over, Boyhood is by a long shot the best movie of this current year. Richard Linklater was just fabulous and merited nothing not as much as a selection from the Academy for best executive. I for one think he ought to have won it however. The throwing couldn’t have improved. Ellar Coltrane is most likely a standout amongst the most energizing youthful gifts as of late. He was entrancing directly through with his one of a kind characteristic appeal. Boyhood is a 3 hour long movie and shockingly, you will be left needing for all the more by the end. Such was the splendor of Richard Linklater.

Primary concern: Hands down champ of our Sunday Blog’s Best Movie of the year 2014.

dsds922. Interstellar

If Interstellar was a building, the four columns would be Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, Mathew McConaughey and Hans Zimmer. It has terrific canvas, passionate substance, high octane action successions, exciting music or more all a radiant cast. Keeping with the business components of Hollywood silver screen, Nolan consistently mixes the profound father-little girl show into the science fiction action thriller. Actually amazing and acted splendidly, Interstellar is both hair raising and heart pulling in the meantime. That in itself is an accomplishment for a movie of such scale and greatness.

Main concern: Stellar film making, Stellar cast, Stellar music.

3. Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is one of those uncommon movies with widespread request. It has something in it for everybody. Beautifully created and superbly enlivened, the movie stays with you long after you leave the assembly hall. The way that it was an enormous business achievement, gathering comparable to standard movies like Interstellar and The Hunger amusements, reaffirms the range of activity movies world over. Big Hero 6 is effortlessly the best vivified highlight film of the year. It will be no shock if this ends up being another massively fruitful establishment on the lines of Despicable Me and How to prepare your mythical beast.

Primary concern: Anyone with a big heart is a hero.

4. Gone Girl

It’s continually difficult to adjust a tremendously effective novel into a movie. Anyhow, one can be rest guaranteed of an effective film from a chief of the gauge of David Fincher, when he has great material to work with. Gone Girl is dull, witty, theoretical and on occasion irritating. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike fit the bill splendidly and interestingly both their voices loan the tremendously required profundity. Fincher’s Gone Girl may not be the ideal film, but rather it is a flawless adjustment without a doubt.

Main concern: Haunting and Disturbing to the center.

2343243f5. The Two Faces of January

The two faces of January fits in with an exceptionally uncommon class of sentimental wrongdoing thrillers. Set up in the beautiful Greek districts, the plot spins around three vital characters played by the beautiful cast. Drawing in and splendidly holding right from the earliest starting point, the movie just grabs speed in the later stages and abandons you enchanted. The movie may not be excellent film making, but rather it has a strong story and tight screenplay to observe your faculties.

Primary concern: Murderously great.


Best Movies to Watch in 2015

2015 has been a good year for movies so far, with a number of memorable films being released. If you are looking for a great entertainment, the best thing to do is Watch movies online on Putlocker. So here is a look at some of the best movies that you can check out:
1. Fast and Furious 7Online Movies 18

This movie should have been released in 2014 but was postponed due to the untimely death of Paul Walker. It almost seems like the rest of the cast put in a brilliant performance to honor Walker’s legacy. The result was an amazing movie with solid acting and an intriguing plot line. It was one of the best movies of 2015. It is also the first time that James Wan has directed a movie from the franchise. We all know how talented he is, and he has definitely not disappointed anyone.

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service

While Kingsman didn’t get much publicity, don’t for a minute that was one of the failures of 2015. In fact, the sheer talent present among the cast and crew guarantee an absolute stunner of a film. So be sure to check out this amazing new movie.

3. Hitman: Agent 47

It is about to be released in a few months, and fans are eagerly awaiting the latest adaption of the hit video game. Here are a few facts about the movie that you might not have been aware of:

Online Movies 20a. It was supposed to star Paul Walker: The original lead role for the movie was to be played by Paul Walker. But Rupert Fried was chosen after Walker’s unfortunate demise.

b. Rookie Director at the helm: The movie is to be directed by Aleksander Bach, a name that isn’t really familiar with moviegoers. Though he has a few good movies to his credit, it remains to be seen if he will do justice to the Hitman franchise.

c. It is a sequel: The movie is actually a continuing story line from the hit 2007 movie ‘Hitman’. It was the first movie of the franchise and featured Tommy Oliphaunt in the role of the genetically engineered assassin.

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