Tips For Organizing A Hen Party

Hen parties have existed since times in memorial. It is an important function for the bride, her bridal maids, and close friends. Some get confused on how to do it while others rule it out as they are already overwhelmed by the wedding plans. However, having great hen party ideas can make it easy to have a fabulous hen party of your dream. Below are tips that can help you organize a memorable hen party.

Tips to have a Great hen party.


Decide early on the date before the wedding when you wantsdfdsfsdfsdfsdf the hen party to be. The good reason about planning this date early is so that you can have ample time to prepare for it before things get too tight for you. If left to be planned at the last minute, the whole thing may be overlooked all together as everyone is running up and down to finalize on the wedding.


The venue needs to be booked early in time as well. Prior arrangements of all one needs should be discussed in details to avoid a lot of questions in the last minute. Remember as your wedding date is coming nearer it is hard to cope with a lot of pressure. You can delegate to the head maid to take care of the rest of the details for the party. The venue should be convenient for all ladies invited and should offer privacy for the women to have fun.


The notice for the party to your target friends should be done early so that everyone have an ample time to prepare for it. If the notice is too short, most of your friends will decline thus making you disappointed. It may lead to waste of money and make you get worried at the wrong time.

Who is your target audience?

sdasfsfsdfdfKnowing the target of ladies you want to attend is crucial. It may have to cut across for younger age relatives to your mom’s aged friends. This will help to plan the activities that will be carried ou during that day. Understand their likings and preferences regarding music, dance, and even food.


Do not overwhelm yourself in doing all the planning for the day. Let the head maid tackle most of the issues for the day as you can be drained. She is in a better position to make every run smoothly as long as you have discussed it in details. Remember you are supposed to enjoy the hen party and not drain yourself.